Design & Planning Appointments Explained

At Ebstone Kitchens, our introductory consultations are designed to be as informative and informal as possible, discussing your requirements, exchanging ideas and ensuring you have all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your home. Our initial meeting also provides the opportunity to introduce you to our approach and values, and equally important, it lets us learn about your vision and preferences for your potential new kitchen. We appreciate how a new kitchen project can seem daunting and recognise the importance of exploring all your options at your own pace. We warmly invite you to book an appointment or arrange an introductory call with us at Ebstone Kitchens. This relaxed, pressure-free opportunity allows us to introduce you to our approach and values, and equally important, it lets us learn about your vision and preferences for your potential new kitchen.

Getting To Know You

Upon booking an appointment with our design team, either online or in person, you will be invited for a casual conversation over coffee or tea. This initial discussion is all about understanding your vision, requirements and budget for your future kitchen project, with no sales obligations. It is a chance for us to listen and for you to share your thoughts and ideas freely.


Gathering Inspiration And Ideas

During this first meeting, we will start to shape a broad vision of elements you are drawn to in terms of style and aesthetics. This early consultation is more about realising your preferences rather than delving into specifics. Feel free to bring along any inspirational materials or images that resonate with you, helping us to start framing a concept for your kitchen.

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Our Flawless German Designs

German kitchen designs at Ebstone epitomise precision and efficiency, combining sleek, contemporary aesthetics with innovative functionality. Our range showcases the best of German engineering, offering a modern and sophisticated touch to your home's culinary space.

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Our Long-Standing History

Established over 30 years ago and opening our first showroom in 1997, our family-run team at Ebstone has mastered every nuance and challenge in kitchen planning. Trust in our experience to skilfully create the heart of your home with reassurance and expertise.

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Breathtaking British Kitchens

British kitchen designs at Ebstone reflect a timeless elegance, blending classic charm with modern practicality. Our collection celebrates the rich heritage of British craftsmanship, infusing your kitchen with a warm, inviting, and enduring style.

Thinking About Your Space

We encourage you to describe your current space – the elements that you enjoy about it and aspects that you’d like to change. At this stage, it's simply about understanding the context of your kitchen; we would not need to visit your home just yet. This informal discussion helps us sketch a preliminary idea of your project.

Our Services

Should you decide to proceed with us at Ebstone Kitchens, know that we offer a comprehensive service of full room solutions in addition to 'Supply Only' and 'Supply & Installation' options covering all aspects of your kitchen project. Whether it is plumbing, electrics, flooring or decorating our team is equipped to handle every detail, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

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Understanding that appliances are key to a kitchen's functionality, and design proposals we'll discuss your current setup and explore your wishlist for new appliances. A guided tour of our showroom will also provide insights into the latest appliance features we offer, aiding you in envisioning their integration into your space.

Cost And Pricing

We maintain an open and transparent approach when discussing the budget for your kitchen design. During this initial consultation, we aim to understand your financial considerations and offer suggestions that align with your budget. This meeting is simply to explore possibilities, with no obligation to commit.

In our initial consultation at Ebstone Kitchens, it is all about laying the groundwork for what could be, not what must be. Meeting with you is a chance for us to understand your vision and to explain the services we offer. Think of it as a friendly conversation over coffee, where your ideas and preferences take centre stage. Whether you're just starting to think about a kitchen project or are ready to dive into the details, we're here to listen, advise, and inspire. Remember, this journey is about you, your space, and your choices – we're just here to help bring your vision into clearer focus.

Get in Touch

We take pride in creating kitchens and living spaces that are more than a room; they embody your taste, and lifestyle, and are the heart of your home. If you are ready to uplift your kitchen interiors, we warmly welcome you to visit our experts at our showroom or contact us to arrange a personal consultation with one of our friendly team.