Hardwood Kitchen Worktops provide stunning natural beauty to any kitchen style, be it contemporary or classic. Hardwood's such as Oak, Beech, Wenge, Iroko, European or African Walnut will provide the "wow" factor to your kitchen.

This completely natural material provides warmth, practicality and immense pleasure for everyone using it on a daily basis.

For both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs, wooden worktops are a luxurious and attractive choice offering a warmth and beauty that is hard to equal.

Taking Care of Your Wooden Worksurface

  • By caring for your solid wooden worktop you will provide years of value that will only improve with age. It is to be expected that wooden surfaces will change in appearance, but one of their main advantages is that they mature and adapt, becoming richer in colour and continuing to provide a solid and attractive worktop.
  • Wood is a porous material, and while our wood countertops are treated to minimise the absorption of liquids, spillages should always be cleaned up quickly. Avoid using excessive amounts of water to clean and do not leave any liquid on the surface after cleaning - always ensure that you have wiped the surface completely dry.
  • Use only cleaning products designed to help wood maintain its protective natural sheen and to promote hygiene, and when dealing with wood it is best to use a product designed for wood. For general daily cleaning a damp, not wet, cloth is usually sufficient.
  • Cutting directly on a wooden worktop as this is likely to scratch the surface. Use a cutting board or mat. Leaving raw meat on the surface for prolonged periods should be avoided as a protection against bacteria build up. If raw meat or similar is in contact with the worktop be sure to clean thoroughly with a suitable anti-bacterial wood friendly cleaner.
  • To help wood retain its finish and to enhance water resistance, it is recommended that you periodically apply an oil based protecting product to the entire surface. Our worktops are treated to resist water, but with cleaning and general use, this sealant can become less effective and get worn away so a brief top up as needed. To apply simply clean surface and dry thoroughly, then wipe oil into the grain of the wood. It is best to do this last thing at night to allow the oil to penetrate and dry, forming a protective layer.
  • If you follow these steps to protect and clean your wooden worktop, it will last for years and improve with age.


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