Perfect storage! Well-planned cabinet interiors at last put an end to wasted space, cabinet over-loading and mess. Drawers and units can easily be filled to the brim without losing sight of where everything‘s kept. Perfectly organised cabinet interiors are the best recipe for tidy look.

The many little “helpers” in the kitchen make your daily routine so much more pleasant. Such as our diverse range of accessories for making the most of your niches. With our extensive organiser systems we offer superior products of premium quality to meet your needs. Such as, intelligent corner solutions - That use all of the available space, or flexible pull-out organisers with variable interior divisions. Innovations, coupled with a wide array of accessories completes the package of functional features.

These are just a few of the many things that make a good kitchen really complete.

NEW Systemline E200

The New Systemline E200 is a built-in DAB/FM Radio/iPod sound system, delivering a clutter free high quality solution. More info pdfAHE1824-E200-promos.pdf

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